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#ThreeWordWednesday – Feb 27

28 Feb

Douse me in your flames, your desire, I keep.

We’re all naughty here, grown up, or at least we pretend.

Your heart is pale, you body is warm, now we can fix this.




#ThreeWordWednesday – Feb 20

21 Feb

Go on, heave my heart, I have no use anymore.

Go on, ponder your ways, the choices you’ve made.

Yes, they’re valid.

But so am I.



#ThreeWordWednesday – Feb 13

13 Feb

i am cumbersome, yes, you know.

you live morbid, your eyes speak louder than your mouth.

our love, is rampage.



#ThreeWordWednesday – Feb 6

7 Feb

you were the backfire, the one I knew.
the one I can taste, the one you can embarrass.
no more.
only some.