Cover me

16 Feb

I’m serious.  Well, not in *that* way of course.  But check this out… I got an email last night with the cover for Finding Fate!  It’s so close to being here… I’m told it could NEXT WEEEK!  GAAAAA…. I hope you’re excited as me.  Seriously.  This is going to be so freaking awesome.

As soon as I get approval to share the cover, I will.  Right here.  Oh, and I’ll be posting another chapter on Wattpad for WHOA…  because I love you all.



15 Feb

With a cover!

I finally got some stuff up on Wattpad.  Check it out!

The story is titled Whoa… I’m going to keep posting as long as you keep reading.  🙂

Check out the cover:

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#ThreeWordWednesday – Feb 13

13 Feb

i am cumbersome, yes, you know.

you live morbid, your eyes speak louder than your mouth.

our love, is rampage.

Why do you do this?

12 Feb

I am so excited for this movie… please, don’t judge me.  Because you’re excited too.

A song to love.

7 Feb

#ThreeWordWednesday – Feb 6

7 Feb

you were the backfire, the one I knew.
the one I can taste, the one you can embarrass.
no more.
only some.


7 Feb



A short list:


1. I love books.

2. I love reading.

3. I love anything romantic.

4. I love young adult, new adult, adult, whatever

5. I love to write.

6. I write.

7. I wish to get paid someday to write.  (Maybe)