Finding Fate – NOW AVAILABLE!

26 Feb

I’m so excited to FINALLY be able to announce this… FINDING FATE is available!

Please check the book out, grab a copy, and tell all your friends.  🙂


Stuck behind the counter at the family bakery, Isabella Cressley watches the world pass by her. Just shy of turning twenty-six, this was not how life was supposed to be. Her best friend, Becca-Ann, is in Paris, leaving Isabella feeling even more alone. Her grandparents have long since passed away and her mother’s drinking problem makes it impossible to get any help in the bakery… or with life outside of it.

All Isabella wants is a chance… at fate.

Colt looks like a bad boy, riding into town on a motorcycle, flashing tattoos on his arm. His good looks and smile are enough to catch Isbaella’s attention, but she quickly finds herself annoyed with him. First off, he’s cocky. Second, he calls her Bella. Even still, Isabella can’t stop thinking about him.

Soon Colt gets her to step out from behind the counter, and explore what she wants. The more Isabella explores herself, the more she falls for Colt, even against his caution. There are secrets Colt is hiding, parts of his past – and present – that make him almost impossible to fall in love with. But Isabella does anyway, telling herself that the only thing that matters is the future… but can Colt become a part of it? Or will his haunting secrets tear him away once and for all?

Get it on KINDLE!

Get it on NOOK!


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